Pain can be a surprising benefactor ๐Ÿค”

It all started back in 1994 when I, a cash-strapped college student, snatched at a side gig. The catch? Taming an unknown beast called Microsoft Access 1.0 to build consolidated sales reports. Pre-search engine and AI days were brutal. Navigating this prehistoric software was like surviving on Brussels sprouts (those things are truly evil!). Yet, I somehow delivered, and the taste of success against such odds ignited a passion.

Fast forward 30 years, now code fuels my soul. Perhaps it’s the intoxicating thrill of conquering seemingly impossible challenges. Now, tackling complex problems is my calling, and I’m fortunate to do it at Market Force Information (AI-powered Success Playbook) and L7 Informatics (MES, Manufacturing Execution System).

I write code as if it comes with a lifetime warranty.

My Kryptonite? Laziness with excuses (ugh). And ungratefulness – I swear, someone accused me of helping them regain their walking ability! (True story!)

My dream is to work with a company that is committed to promoting sustainability and environmental initiatives. I am also passionate about animal welfare and would love to work for a company that shares my values.

Of all the places I’ve called home – Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the US – none tug at my heartstrings quite like New Zealand.

In my free time, I unleash my inner athlete, with dance, board games, badminton, and pickleball ruling the court (in that order).

My Alter Egos:

  • Problem Detective: I’m like Sherlock Holmes for software glitches, sniffing out root causes faster than you can say “mystery meatloaf”.
  • Napkin Ninja: Forget million-dollar whiteboards, I turn napkin scribbles into pixelated masterpieces. Your wildest ideas are safe with me.
  • Process Whisperer: Inefficiency? I hear you loud and clear. I’m the process whisperer, smoothing out bottlenecks like a charm.
  • Code Couturier: My code is like a well-tailored suit – clean lines, perfect fit, and built to last. No spaghetti monsters here!
  • Tech Trailblazer: I thrive on the cutting edge of technology, absorbing new concepts and innovations at warp speed. Your tech challenges are my playground.
  • Mentor Maven: Sharing knowledge is my superpower. I not only enjoy mentoring others but also excel at turning novices into virtuosos. Let’s grow together!

Professional Skills
Vue.js | Laravel | PHP | MySQL | Nuxt | WordPress | Vuetify | Vue Router | Vuex | Vite | Cypress | Node.js | Puppeteer | Single Sign-On (SSO) | Twitter Bootstrap | Javascript | Typescript | Git | Docker | API | OpenAI | jQuery | PostgreSQL | Python | React | HTML5 | CSS3 | Trello | Jira | Confluence | Visual Studio Code | Responsive Web Design (RWD) | Database Design | Technical Documentation



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  • Projects:

  • AI Toolbox (Laravel 10, Vite 4, OpenAI 3, Vuetify 3) | AI Toolbox Demo
  • Pomodoro Timer (Vue.js 3.2, Vite 4, Bootstrap) | Pomodoro Timer Demo
  • Ping Shuai (ๅนณ็”ฉๅŠŸ) Timing App (Vue.js 3.2, Vite 4, Vue Router 4) | Ping Shuai (ๅนณ็”ฉๅŠŸ) Timing App Demo
  • Portfolio (Vue.js 2.0, Vuetify) | Demo
  • Notes sharing app (Vue.js 2.0, Vuetify, Vuelidate, Vuex, Firebase) | Demo
  • GraphQL server (Apollo Server, Express, SQLite)
  • Chat (Laravel 5.5.28, Bootstrap 4 Beta 2, Pusher, Vue.js 2.5, Laravel Broadcast/Echo | Chat Demo
  • Audio files server (runtime Vue.js 2.0, Bootstrap 4 Beta 2)
  • Collect stock data (Laravel, Vue.js, Bootstrap 4, SQLite)
  • How to deploy a Vue.js 2.0 with PWA project on an Nginx shared hosting server
  • How to deploy a Vue.js 2.0 with PWA project on Heroku
  • How to deploy an Express/Node.js website on Heroku
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