How to generate FREE SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in to your account (create one if you do not have an account yet)
  3. Under Active, select Create one now
  4. Enter your domain name (click on Advanced Options if you wish to register multiple domains under one certificate)
  5. Click on Create Free SSL Certificate
  6. Use one of the three methods to verify that you own the domain name(s)
  7. Once verification is completed, you should see the Certificate Successfully Generated screen
  8. Click on Download All SSL Certificate Files
  9. Install the SSL Certicate accordingly (contact your web host if you are not sure how, each host is different)

Manual Verification

  1. Create folder .well-known in the root folder of your domain name
  2. Create folder acme-challenge within .well-known
  3. Upload verification file to acme-challenge

Manual Verification (DNS)

  1. Click on Manually Verify Domain
  2. TXT record will be generated
  3. Go to the DNS editor of your hosting account (cPanel will be under Advanced DNS Zone Editor)
  4. Click on Download SSL Certificate