8 Time-Saving Tips for Visual Studio Code

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl
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Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a powerful and feature-rich code editor that has gained immense popularity among developers. Its extensive range of functionalities, coupled with its simplicity and versatility, makes it an indispensable tool for many. In this article, we will explore eight time-saving tricks that will help you boost your productivity and streamline your coding workflow in Visual Studio Code.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts:

One of the most effective ways to save time in any code editor is by utilizing keyboard shortcuts. Visual Studio Code provides a wide range of predefined shortcuts, but you can also customize them to suit your preferences. Learning and using these shortcuts for common tasks such as opening files, navigating between tabs, and searching code will significantly speed up your coding process.

2. Multi-Cursor Editing:

VS Code allows you to edit multiple lines simultaneously, known as multi-cursor editing. This feature is incredibly useful when making repetitive changes or editing similar code blocks. By simply holding down the Alt key (Option key for Mac) while clicking or dragging the mouse, you can create multiple cursors and edit several lines of code simultaneously, saving you valuable time.

3. IntelliSense:

IntelliSense is a powerful code completion feature that helps you write code faster and with fewer errors. Visual Studio Code’s IntelliSense suggests code completions, function signatures, and parameter information as you type, based on the language you’re working with. By utilizing IntelliSense, you can save time by avoiding manual typing and quickly inserting code snippets or method signatures.

4. Code Snippets:

Code snippets are predefined pieces of code that can be quickly inserted into your project. Visual Studio Code offers a vast library of built-in code snippets for various programming languages and frameworks. You can also create your own custom snippets to automate repetitive tasks, such as creating class templates or frequently used code patterns. Utilizing code snippets allows you to write code faster and reduces the chance of errors.

5. Integrated Terminal:

Having an integrated terminal within Visual Studio Code eliminates the need to switch back and forth between the editor and an external terminal window. You can run commands, compile code, and perform various tasks directly within the editor. This saves time by providing a seamless development experience and eliminates the need for context switching.

6. Source Control Integration:

Visual Studio Code has excellent integration with popular version control systems like Git. By utilizing the built-in source control features, you can easily manage your code changes, view differences, commit changes, and perform other source control operations without leaving the editor. This integration streamlines your workflow and saves time by eliminating the need to switch between the code editor and a separate version control tool.

7. Extension Marketplace:

The Visual Studio Code marketplace offers a vast array of extensions that can enhance your productivity and save you time. From language-specific extensions to productivity tools, there is an extension available for virtually every need. For example, extensions like Live Server enable you to instantly preview HTML pages, while GitLens provides advanced Git annotations and code metrics. Exploring and utilizing relevant extensions can greatly optimize your coding experience.

8. Task Automation:

Visual Studio Code allows you to automate repetitive tasks using tasks.json files. By defining custom tasks, you can automate tasks such as code compilation, running tests, or launching a development server with a single command. Automating these tasks saves time and eliminates the need for manual intervention, leading to a smoother and more efficient development process.

Bonus Tips

  • Use the autosave feature to save your code automatically. This will help you avoid losing work if your computer crashes or you accidentally close the editor.
  • Use the search feature to find files and symbols quickly.
  • Use the split editor view to work on multiple files at the same time.
  • Use the preview pane to preview HTML, CSS, and other files without having to open them in a separate browser.
  • Use the Live Share extension to collaborate with other developers in real time.


In this article, we have explored eight time-saving tips that will help you maximize your productivity in Visual Studio Code. By utilizing keyboard shortcuts, multi-cursor editing, IntelliSense, code snippets, the integrated terminal, source control integration, extension marketplace, and task automation, you can significantly streamline your coding workflow and save valuable time. Incorporating these tips into your daily coding routine will enable you to focus more on the creative aspects of coding and boost your overall efficiency in Visual Studio Code.